I have purchased your finger spelling and grammar DVD’s. They are very helpful, especially during the summer when my sign class doesn’t meet. I can continue to work on improving my skills.

May 2014, MP

Bravo! ASL to English DVD is the best I have ever seen and I have thousands of dollars worth of ASL resources.

Jill Laurin-Maxwell Jun 7th, 3:17pm

I really enjoyed this dvd because it gave you an insight into the deaf culture and fingerspelling strategies. Mary is wonderful!

By brenda on April 14, 2013

I must say that I bought this DVD on a whim. I had just finished ASL 101 and was looking for ways to improve my fingerspelling. I am so glad that I found this page. The exercises and explanations are topnotch. Mary is a great teacher, truly. A hearing student will likely notice immediate improvement after viewing this, because they’ll look at fingerspelling in a very different way: the Deaf way. However, this DVD is great in the long term as well, because the exercises will encourage continuous improvement.

By S. Z. on January 18, 2011

Mary Luczki is one of the best sign language and interpreting instructors I’ve ever known. Her native command of both American Sign Language and English combined with her simple instruction techniques make learning a pleasure. Applying just a couple of the suggestions from one of her workshops doubled my comprehension of fingerspelled words. Her ability to convey the world view that forms the basis of ASL is remarkable. I have seen beginners and advanced students alike leave her workshops brimming with enthusiasm over her content and presentation. Mary’s workshops are a must if you are looking for instruction that bridges the gap between the classroom and the ‘real world’ of the Deaf.

Alicia Rondeau, NAD V, Belleville MI, Interpreter for over 25 years.

For anyone wanting to improve their receptive or expressive skills in ASL and Fingerspelling, I strongly urge you to invest in Mary Luczki’s DVDs! They will be worth their weight in gold! After signing and interpreting for many years, I was not aware of what I was missing until I received training from Mary Luczki. She is gifted with an incredible ability to understand ASL in a way most of us can only dream. She not only knows the “hows” of ASL, but also the “whys”. You will learn to use ASL as a deaf person does, by being taught by someone who has the ability to explain it to you in English, in a way you will understand. Prior to working with Mary, I would struggle to understand fingerspelling. I knew I was supposed to “see” the word, not the “letters”. But I never could make that a reality. After Mary Luczki’s Fingerspelling training, I could understand fingerspelling while looking into a deaf person’s EYES, from the SIDE and even from BEHIND! I no longer looked at their hand while they spelled. It was truly amazing! You cannot imagine how much stress I was relieved of when I no longer struggled to understand fingerspelling. It gave me a renewed confidence in my abilities as an interpreter! And I’m not even mentioning expressive fingerspelling and signing! Do yourself a favor. If you are planning in obtaining any training videos, I recommend you put Mary Luczki’s DVDs at the top of your list. It will truly change your life. It has mine!

Marc King, NAD V

I can personally say that I feel Mary’s workshops made all the difference for me in attaining my state and then my national certifications. Although I had been using sign language for most of my life, it was not until I began working with her that I really began to UNDERSTAND the workings of the language. It was truly a turning point for me and I know that any one who makes use of her DVD’s will benefit greatly. I plan to continue using them often for reviewing and updating my skills. Thank you Mary and please keep up the good work!!

Esteva Westfall, NAD IV

This CD-ROM is FANTASTIC, worth every penny spent!!!!!!!!!


I recieved your DVD (Fingerspelling Strategies) and am impressed by your performance.